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Below I have included a very brief selection of past work. Most of these projects are from early in my design career. Please click on the projects to see and read more. A pass-code is required to access my full, up to date portfolio of work.


Briefed to capture the notion of modernity and club culture, vibrant photographs, art directed at the world famous 'Ministry of Sound' nightclub, combined with motion blurred typography, completed the 'whoever, whatever, wherever' packaging’s energetic design. CD style packaging was then chosen for the structural design of this brochure, and a CD replica coffee coaster, intended to act as a daily reminder on the receivers desk, was included inside.

The Point

‘The Point’ is a stylish multi-million pound housing complex situated on Bristol’s emerging waterfront. In line with the complex’s nautical location, the colourful brand icon was designed to resemble the sails of ships from days gone by. The brand was projected across collateral, packaging, billboards, postcards and signage, with the brochure taking it a step further, cutting into the pages to give them the appearance of sails.

VetCare - Pedigree & Whiskas

Evolution of the VetCare product range had to be subtle enough to maintain the consumers trust and thus their position as one of the leading veterinary products. Retaining the simple palette, the product description was placed within a green band, and the VetCare branding was increased in size and cropped from the bottom left of the design. Overall, this helped to emphasize the clinical tone of the product range.


The expressive modern illustration of a red wine glass used for the identity of this brand, is constructed from cut paper and a loose hand drawn pen and ink style. This compliments both the Gill sans typeface and the overall red textured palette is sampled to create a warm Mediterranean tone.


The original brief was to explore evolutionary to revolutionary design concepts, that have greater on shelf impact and a sense of modernity. The project began by focusing on the Status core brand identity. A number of routes were explored with the most favored creating A feeling of masculinity and strength by leveling the perimeter of the letters, reducing the serif and giving stability to the 'S'. This created a contemporary feel, yet maintained brand loyalty and recognition from the previous icon.


Busy running the CTTC design studio and loving recently becoming a dad!

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